A short interview with:
Constantinos Palmyris, Director at
Palmyri Insurance Agents & Consultants Ltd

I grew up in Larnaca and studied mechanical engineering in HTI in Nicosia.  Even though engineering was my area of study and expertise, soon enough, I discovered another great skill of mine; sales.  A very good friend of mine, the late Mr. Minos Nicolaou, pushed me back in 1995 to join Cyprialife as a life insurance consultant.  That was the beginning of an overwhelming 25 years’ career. I have since then acquired extensive education in insurance and financial services and became a Certified Financial Advisor and a fellow of the Life Underwriter Training Council and a member of the Million Dollar Round Table.

In 1998, I met my wife Ellada and since then I have moved in Limassol where we had our two lovely daughters and developed our business.

Our business has been offering insurance and financial protection to over 600 clients for over 25 years, with life sums insured exceeding €50.000.000. The ongoing success of our business led to the incorporation and formation of Palmyri Insurance Agents and Consultants Ltd in 2005.  Through the years, we became specialists in assessing customers’ individual needs and delivering customised products that offer peace of mind, by mitigating today’s and future’s risks.

Our company can virtually offer any kind of insurance products. We have a full range of life products, such as life insurance, pension plans and medical plans, while we also offer a wide range of non-life products, such as, property insurance, motor insurance, all types of liability insurance such as public liability, employer’s liability, professional indemnity insurance and many more.

I can positively say that Life Insurance is our great specialty. We offer life products that can mitigate the everyday risks of both individuals and businesses.

In regard to personal insurance products, we offer family protection plans, loan protection plans, pension plans, investment and savings schemes, as well as health & accident plans.

In respect of Businesses Life Products, we can offer Group Plans that provide Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Pension Plans to the employees of a business. In addition, Key man insurance, Shareholders’ insurance are our areas of speciality.

It goes without saying that Covid-19 has introduced many changes to our lives, and providers of services are called to find new ways of attracting new clients and to provide tailored services to them, in order to stand out from competition.

Luckily for us, Covid-19 coincided with the addition of my wife Ellada to the salesforce of Palmyri Insurance. Ellada, having worked in the banking sector for over a decade, joined our team to take over the marketing side of the business, by implementing new technological strategies.

As a result, we have been increasing our presence in social media, communicating with our clients through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, our newly formed business website is currently under construction which will bring us even closer to our current and prospective clients.

The insurance sector has seen a steady growth in the past few years, and as a result, more young people decide to join this promising sector. Although that leads to the increase of  competition, we are very happy and enthusiastic to see that young and well-educated people select our profession as their long-term career. This does not only increase the prestige of our profession, but it also pushes us to be better and stay abreast of industry changes. Our team is continuously trained and remaining up-to-date with industry changes, in an attempt to offer the best possible solutions to our clients.

Apart from well education and training, an insurance agent/consultant should be equipped with honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability. These are just some of the qualities that our clients find in our team, and which make us their first choice when it comes to their insurance and financial needs.

In light of these unprecedented times, I would like to remind our page visitors of the importance of protecting one’s family and business, both physically and financially. If 2020 has taught us something is how life can change in an instant.  Having life insurance in place means your family and your business is protected financially. And the thing with life insurance is that you cannot get it when you need it, so it is better to get it NOW.

Dear friends, Ellada and myself are very happy to help you with free consultation on how to mitigate your family’s and businesses’ risks. Please do not hesitate to contact us at our telephones or email addresses.

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